Make an Igloo Out of Milk Jugs

Photo: oddharmonic/Flickr.

I saw this video over the weekend, and I love the way the teachers and students at Midland Middle School reused milk jugs to create an igloo in the classroom as a reading space for kindergarteners and first graders.

They collected 428 milk jugs, made sure they were very clean, and created a carefully constructed, totally cool indoor igloo. If you can collect enough milk jugs in time, this would be a great way to keep occupied with your kids over the upcoming holiday break from school.

It only took the school three weeks to collect all the milk jugs they needed for this project. It would certainly take longer for someone who wanted to do it in their home, but I can imagine that a request on Facebook to friends and neighbors might speed up the process. If my boys were littler (and we had the room in the house), I would probably give this a shot, and I’d probably have them go around the neighborhood with me on recycling day with a wagon to fish milk jugs out of the recycling bins.

What do you think? Totally cool?