The Magnolia Is an Extra-Wide 'Park Model' Tiny House (Video)

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White cupboards and countertops in tiny home kitchen

JP Marquis / Minimaliste

Coming in at 425 square feet, this extra-wide, modernist tiny house actually feels quite roomy.

Due to the constraints of building on a wheeled trailer base, most tiny homes measure about 8.5 feet wide, which often means that designers have to make some tough decisions about where to put things so that there's still space to walk around. Of course, one potential solution to this dilemma is to make a tiny house a little bit wider, and we have seen examples of this where it is done quite successfully, with the flip side being that one has to get a special permit to tow an extra-wide tiny house.

But the extra space might very well be worth it, as one can see from this extra-wide tiny house built by Quebec, Canada's Minimaliste. Nicknamed The Magnolia, the 34.5-foot by 10.5-foot tiny house is venturing into the small house category with its total square footage of 425 feet, and it looks and feels like it is indeed a little bit bigger and roomier than a regular tiny house. Watch this tour via Minimaliste's co-founders, Philippe Beaudoin, Jean-Philippe Marquis and Elyse Tremblay:

Built for clients living in Ontario, Canada, The Magnolia is considered a "park model" size tiny house and includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a full-height bedroom and a secondary loft. The exterior features a combination of steel and two-tone cedar cladding, some of which are blackened using the shou sugi ban method for increased pest and fire protection.

Exterior of dark-paneled tiny home on a trailer with wheels
JP Marquis / Minimaliste
Rear/side view of tiny home elevated on a trailer
JP Marquis / Minimaliste 

Spacious Interior

Stepping inside, one can see the difference that a couple of feet of extra width can make. The interior feels quite spacious, more so with the white-painted ceilings and walls, which contrast nicely with the darker-stained wooden and metal elements in the home.

Two different angles of a kitchen countertop with bar stools
JP Marquis / Minimaliste
Overhead view of living room space with a couch and TV
JP Marquis / Minimaliste 

Living Room

The living room is generous and can easily fit a regular-sized couch, with room to spare.

Overhead view of living space with an entertainment center and TV
JP Marquis / Minimaliste
Living room with a sofa and a TV center
JP Marquis / Minimaliste


The kitchen features plenty of storage, and space for farm sink, and appliances like a convection oven, induction stovetop, small dishwasher, stackable washer and dryer, and a refrigerator. The quartz countertop extends the kitchen space out onto a peninsula, where the clients can sit to eat or work.

Kitchen sink and cupboards
JP Marquis / Minimaliste 


Beyond the kitchen and a barn-style sliding door is a bathroom. There's a beautiful shower, plus a vanity sink, mirror cabinet, and composting toilet -- plus a small utility closet hidden behind a door. Above the bathroom is the secondary loft, which can be accessed using a removable ladder.

Bathroom showing toilet, sink, and shower
JP Marquis / Minimaliste


Moving past the bathroom, we find the full-sized bedroom at the other end of the house, which can fit a king bed, with storage integrated underneath. There is built-in storage above the bed, as well as a spot for a wall-mounted television.

Overhead view of a fully made bed
JP Marquis / Minimaliste

Pricing and More Information

Plenty of lovely details to admire here, as in all of Minimaliste's previous builds (see the related links below). The base price for The Magnolia starts at USD $97,508 (CDN $125,000).