Lyocell Hoodie From Fila

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We’re always on the prowl for new workout clothes. They are often hard to find - whether it’s the price, the fit, the weight...who wants to be uncomfortable in expensive workout clothes? So when we read about Fila’s tissue-paper-thin top, perfect for the upcoming spring season, we felt okay about ditching the college sweatshirt (okay, well sorta). It’s so lightweight that we can wash it at night in time for our workout the next day not to mention that it’s made with 100% Lyocell. We’ve mentioned Lyocell before, the biodegradable cotton alternative made from wood fibers with a silky feel. Many of our readers commented on the cost in our previous posts but this hoodie is $60. Now if only it would warm up so we can take our workout outside...Available for men as well. Via ::Women’s Health ::Fila