Lunchbox Heats and Cools Your Meal With Solar Power

sunflower lunchbox image
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Images via Yanko Design

For a hot or cold meal on the go, this high-tech lunchbox concept is an interesting solution. Using a giant flower-shaped fan with netting somehow made of solar cells, lunchbox captures energy to heat and cool various compartments storing your different dishes. It's vaporware, but it sounds cooler than these other very real lunchbox ideas. According to Yanko Design, the Sunflower lunchbox heats and cools at the same time: "A collapsible petals-like contraption (laced with solar cells) is used to trap the solar energy, which is then stored in an internal battery. With the simple touch of a button, you can then heat or cool down the contents within the individual boxes. It's an ideal lunchbox for those fussy about eating piping hot food and solid cold drinks!"

sunflower lunchbox image

I'd hope the drink wouldn't be solid cold, but it would take a whole lot of solar power -- much more than shown here -- to be able to simultaneously keep food hot and cold. Running a refrigerator and oven at the same time takes a lot of juice. So yes, it's vaporware, but the idea of using solar power is a whole lot better than the USB-powered hot lunchbox we found last year:

usb hot lunchbox image

Or how about the Cooladio filed under Weird Solar Device of the Day:

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What is practical, though, is the Box Appetite lunchbox, which lets you separate hot and cold items. Simple, handy, and perfectly useful without solar or USB bells and whistles.