Lotus Trolley Bag Can Simplify Your Grocery Routine

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A compact bundle unrolls into a brilliant set of bags that you'll never forget at home again.

The key to making one's lifestyle more environmentally friendly, I've come to realize, is convenience. When adopting new habits is easy, people are eager to do so. But when it creates additional work, these eco-friendly changes tend to fall by the wayside.

Take reusable shopping bags, for instance. Many of us have made the switch away from single-use plastic grocery bags, but that doesn't mean we always remember to bring reusable totes to the store. Sometimes we forget, or they're dirty, or we don't have time to fight with a pile of bags that need to be stuffed inside each other in order to be carried out the door.

But occasionally, along comes a product that promises revolutionary convenience. The Lotus Trolley Bag is one such item. This reusable grocery bag 'system' consists of four shopping bags that roll up into a compact, yoga mat-sized bundle with a handy carrying handle. Shop as usual, and when you reach the checkout, place the bag in the cart and unroll it, accordion-style, in order to pack the groceries. The individual bags are easy to separate and load in the car (or use for other purposes). One of them is an insulated cooler bag and another contains secure pockets for stashing egg cartons and glass beverage bottles.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

The Lotus Trolley Bag is made by a family-owned company in California, and ever since it launched in fall 2016, it has been getting 5-star reviews online.

The married inventors, Farzan and Jen, live in California. They were inspired to create the Lotus Trolley Bag after seeing how the state ban on plastic bags led to a proliferation of reusable bags in homes and landfills. Something that was supposed to be a great idea was not quite great enough to solve the waste problem. The Lotus Trolley Bag, by contrast, makes grocery shopping considerably more efficient (and green!), which is why it's less likely anyone would leave it at home.

Farzan and Jen

© Lotus -- Husband and wife team Farzan and Jen are the creators of the Lotus Trolley Bag

So, if you're desperate for a better, more convenient shopping solution, take a look at the Lotus Trolley Bag. It's a fun, clever invention.