Los Angeles Hosts First-Ever Wine and Bug Pairing

©. Aly Moore/Buglicious

Curious and courageous diners are buzzing with excitement about this unusual event, aptly named "Scary Delicious."

Los Angeles experienced its first-ever wine-and-bug tasting event on Sunday, with a second one scheduled for tonight (October 26). The event, with its seasonally appropriate name “Scary Delicious,” was the brainchild of Aly Moore and Michael Consbruck. Moore runs a website called Bugible, whose goal is to promote and normalize bug-eating in the United States. Consbruck runs V Wine Room in West Hollywood, where the event was held.

edible bugs

© Aly Moore/BugibleThirty guests were met with an interesting variety of bugs paired with carefully chosen wines – not the easiest task, you can imagine, since bugs are not typically matched with wines. The menu was as follows:

• Four Brix Baubles with Protein Bars and Whole Roasted Crickets
• Sforzando Sauvignon Blanc with grasshoppers and Queen Weaver Ants
• Trinitas Chardonnay with cheddar-smoked paprika roasted cricket popcorn and New Mexico red chili popcorn with lime zest and whole roasted crickets
• Pinot Noir with honey mustard crickets and BBQ mealworms
• Alma Sol Zinfandel with dark chocolate-covered crickets and silkworm pupae
• Sforzando Cabernet Franc with whole Thai june bugs

The buglicious event was a success. When TreeHugger asked Moore about her thoughts on the evening, she was enthusiastic:

“The general responses were overwhelmingly positive. I'm used to forcing my friends to come to small private bug dinners, [but this time] I was so excited that I didn't know 80 percent of the people there; the room was full of new bug eaters; and this large public event definitely changed some minds.”

With most of the world already incorporating bugs into their diet, it should not be such a daunting thought for North Americans to do so, too, but it takes some creative thinking to get us over our innate hang-ups, hence the wine pairing.

What I like about this event is how most of the menu items showcase the insects for what they truly are, rather than trying to disguise them. These dishes are daring and innovative, really challenging guests to rethink what a more sustainable, ethical, and nutritious food system could look like in the future.

wine tasting with bug

© Aly Moore/Bugible

For anyone who's in L.A., there is a second bug-and-wine pairing event taking place tonight, October 26. Learn more here.