Looking for a Green Job?

Here's the latest on the green job market.

Greengirl, a contributor at the Green Gigs blog has published her top 10 list of must-read articles for anyone looking to obtain an eco-friendly job. Green jobs are receiving a surge in media coverage and attention thanks to the recent presidential campaign and subsequent push to create more green jobs by the Obama administration.

One of the 10 articles listed is Fast Company’s “Ten Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade” article. Last week, I shared my opinion on the article in A decade of green jobs, including my surprise that farming topped the list. Farming is poised to play a more subdued, but significant, role in the green economy of the future. It may not be discussed as frequently as renewable energy is, but it is equally important.

Another article that made the list is Van Jones’ Opportunities For Green Growth: Myths and Realities About Green jobs. This is definitely a must-read for everyone, even if you are not looking for a green job. On that same note, I would like to recommend reading MNN’s Technology Blogger, Karl Burkart’s piece on Jones’ call to Americans to join the green revolution.

These are just two of the 10 articles that greengirl recommends. If you are in the market for a green job, head on over to Green Gigs to read 10 Must Read Articles for Green Job Hunters.