Looking for Ethical, Eco-Friendly Jewelry?

If you’re looking for some spiffy new accessories to brighten up your wardrobe just in time for fall, look no further! Here is a list of eco-friendly and ethical retailers selling beautiful jewelry that you can feel good about in every sense.

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credit: Vavavida

Vavavida is a company devoted to accessories. It sells bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bags that are handmade by fairly paid artisans. It advertises itself as a company that retails “responsible, socially conscious fashionable jewelry” as part of its attempt to “prove that healthy profits don’t have to come at the expense of mistreating other human beings.” The jewelry is truly beautiful – check it out!

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Ash & Rose

credit: Ash & Rose (via Facebook)

This retailer sells accessories in addition to men’s and women’s clothing. All items are made with three things in mind: (1) sustainability and the prioritization of organic/recycled materials and minimal packaging; (2) fair labor wages, with many items made in the United States and/or certified fair trade; (3) the empowerment and employment of at-risk women in places with few employment opportunities. The jewelry is diverse and colorful and made with many natural materials. Shown above: Sunburst necklace, $54

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credit: Beklina

This family-owned business based in northern California sells gorgeous jewelry made from reclaimed and natural materials, such as antique beads, oxidized brass, bone, and semi-precious stones. Beklina prides itself on “curating strong thinkers and artists in the fashion world, emphasizing USA-made, well crafted heirloom wares with sustainable ideals.” The jewelry is diverse, from casual hippy to sophisticated office wear. Shown above: French Enameled Lockets, $98

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credit: Zady Jewelry

Already recognized as a leader in the slow fashion world, Zady also has a line of luxurious jewelry made by various designers. Most of the pieces are made in the United States, and cover a broad range of looks. Shown above: Hammered Hoop Silver Earrings by Phyllis & Rosie, $125

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Ten Thousand Villages

credit: Ten Thousand Villages Canada

This entirely fair-trade retailer sells gorgeous jewelry from all around the world. You can purchase online (Canadian and American sites offer some different pieces) or in stores. Ten Thousand Villages has everything from silver, gold, stainless, and semi-precious stones to abalone, leather, beaded, and wooden pieces. (Note: There's a major jewelry sale happening online until August 17!) Shown above: Sunrise Mosaic Bangles, $4.99 on sale

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credit: Modavanti

Modavanti strives to “live consciously styled,” which means that it takes its sourcing very seriously. “We provide unprecedented access to the most beautiful, well designed, and unique products that are responsibly manufactured with the environment, people, and the planet in mind.” Featuring many beaded and gold items, Modavanti’s jewelry collection is bohemian in style, full of interesting and unusual finds.

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Gather & See

credit: Gather & See

At a slightly higher price point, ethical retailer Gather & See of the United Kingdom offers gorgeous gold-plated jewelry made by two designers (one from Kenya, one from India) that are dedicated to small-scale, handcrafted, and fair trade production. Shown above: Brass Cast Ring, $40

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credit: EKOLUV

This Australia-based company has a fantastic collection of jewelry that’s unlike any other. Bold, ornate, playful, and colourful, the pieces are bound to be conversation starters. Check out the whole collection here. Free international shipping on orders over $300. Shown above: Amazonian Goddess Earrings, $51 USD

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credit: Helpsy

Helpsy is a New York City-based website that offers eco-friendly and ethical fashion pieces for consumers who want something more than a “crunchy lifestyle and yoga pants” in their quest for green living. The jewelry is made by a number of different designers and ranges from the usual gold and silver to striking Mexican-style embroidery, stainless steel, and acrylate. Shown above: Dirty Librarian Chains Initial Necklace, $75