This Longboard Stroller Might Be the Most Exciting Way to Get Around With a Child

Parent and child on a skateboard stroller


Move over, boring strollers, and make way for a hip new option for urban mobility with children: The Quinny Longboardstroller.

As a parent, I have a love/hate relationship with strollers. They can be incredibly useful sometimes for getting your kids around without having to carry them the whole time, and can also haul all of the assorted kid gear you need while you're out. Strollers also make a great napping place for kids while you're on the go, and offer some shade and weather protection to them.

However, they're also awkward to haul around with you, in and out of vehicles or mass transit, and thanks to a secret pact among stroller designers, they also seem to be designed to look kind of dorky while you're pushing them around. Every stroller brand offers a different kind of dorkiness, to be sure, but they all have that same tame look to them, which isn't exactly driving parents wild with desire to own one.

However, a European stroller company, Quinny, has the perfect antidote to the boring stroller blues, in the form of a fusion between a longboard and a child stroller:

Although a longboard with a child on the front doesn't seem like such a great idea, safety-wise, this isn't just a skateboard with a stroller bolted onto it. The Longboardstroller, which is said to use quality longboard trucks and wheels, was designed specifically for this application, and features a dropped deck for lower center of gravity (better stability) as well as a handbrake for reliably slowing down and stopping the board.

Quinny Longboardstroller

© Quinny
According to the company's website, the Longboardstroller will be available in the EU sometime in the next few months, at a price of €599. Unfortunately, due to differences in safety regulations, the product isn't going to be sold in North America, Australia, or New Zealand (but I'm sure some resourceful individuals who want one will quickly start making friends in the EU).