Londre Makes the Small-Batch, Sustainable Swimwear That You'll Want This Summer

It offers a range of simple, versatile styles made from upcycled water bottles.

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Londre founders
Company co-founders Hannah Todd (L) and Ainsley Rose (R).

Londre Bodywear

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There is still plenty of time to hit the beach this summer. If you need a swimsuit that makes you feel fabulous inside and out, then here's a brand worth knowing. Londre, whose name is playfully reminiscent of "lingerie" when you say it aloud, is a Vancouver-based company founded by two women who realized they had to make the kind of high-quality swimwear they wanted to buy because no one else was doing it.

Hannah Todd and Ainsley Rose tell Treehugger they came up with the idea for Londre while in Mexico, several margaritas deep, and having "big conversations" about how to solve their own issues regarding swimwear. They felt the industry was lacking in sustainable textiles and styles that complemented their self-described curvy bodies and travel-heavy, minimalist lifestyles.

They share: "So we set to work creating the most flattering and versatile pieces that have the least amount of impact on the planet. Fast forward 4.5 years and we have upcycled more than 250,000 recycled plastic water bottles into our timeless pieces, helped remove 3,500 pounds of waste off the Pacific Northwest coast, replanted 350 baby corals that will grow back into a full blown reef, all while empowering women and never giving up on our values."

minimalist one-piece
Minimalist one-piece in white.


A few things make Londre's swimsuits stand out. The first is versatility. These are perfect beachwear, but you could just as easily pair them with the right shorts or jeans and wear them on the street, especially with tight-fitting bodysuits being so trendy right now. The company founders agree that this versatility is a critical part of their approach to design—and it will appeal to anyone with a capsule wardrobe.

"By purchasing one item that can function as many, you are able to buy less, creating more value and less consumption. Take our Sport Scoop Top, for example," they say. "Many of our clients wear it equally as a sports bra as they do for poolside hangs, or our new Ruffle Shoulder One-Piece, which can double as your stylish seaside suit or the bodysuit of your dreams that moulds perfectly to your curves and pairs nicely with a pencil skirt for happy hour."

A second attribute is the fact that Londre's pieces are made from recycled water bottles. While Treehugger is usually a proponent of natural fabrics, that's not possible with swimwear, which is always made from synthetic material via fossil fuels. Creating that material from recycled plastic, however, is the next best option to using virgin plastic. 

Todd and Rose tell Treehugger, "We reviewed and tested hundreds of different earth-conscious materials before finding the one that held up to our stringent quality, sustainability, and aesthetic standards. The six-bottle minimum [that is used per item] is based on a calculation of how many bottles it takes to make a roll of fabric for one Londre swimsuit, such as our bestselling Minimalist One-Piece."

To date, the company estimates that it has recycled 250,000+ water bottles, salvaged from beaches and streets in Taiwan, where they're turned into sustainable swimwear in a factory that is certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. (This is a global certification that looks at hazardous substances such as heavy metals and toxic dyes in materials to ensure they're safe for workers and consumers alike.)

Londre always produces its swimwear in small batches and relies on pre-orders to meet demand and reduce waste. Although the suits are designed to "last a lifetime, both in style and durability," according to a press release, the company will take them back for recycling if you feel it's no longer wearable. Furthermore, a repair program is available to any customers needing something fixed within a year of purchase. 

Londre sport scoop top
Sport scoop top.


Londre's styles look like designer suits, a far cry from the cheap, mass-produced thin bikinis that are everywhere. You can choose ruffles and puffed sleeves, or keep it sporty with supportive bra-tops and high-waisted, thick-banded bottoms. The colors are beautiful but basic, with no prints aside from the occasional limited edition piece, which makes them interchangeable with each other and other pieces you might already own. 

The company also has a line of sweatpants, sweatshirts, and cropped t-shirts that launched during the pandemic, although Todd and Rose say it was already in the works. "We wanted to support people in feeling comfortable and free during a year that posed so many challenges. In order to do this, we sought out the comfiest sustainable fabric made from wood pulp in a closed-loop manufacturing process... We couldn’t be happier with the result nor the reviews that our sets feel like butter on the skin."

So whether you want to be comfy on the couch or on a beach towel, Londre's got you covered. Don't be surprised if you have to wait for a coveted color or style; that's what small-batch sustainable fashion is all about—and the wait is well worth it in the end.

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