Living Christmas Tree Rental Takes Off in England, Too

CC BY 2.0. Joanna Kosinska

Pot-grown trees are a nice idea. Especially if someone else looks after them.

I've always liked the idea of a living Christmas tree, but the idea of keeping it alive between the holidays seems daunting. There's also something nice about going to pick up your tree—bringing something new and fresh and different into the house during the darkest time of the year to brighten things up.

It's just a shame that this new and fresh and different thing is dead...

That's why living Christmas tree rental makes so much sense, and not just in California. The BBC reports that Primrose Vale Farm in Gloucestershire, England, has also developed a reputation for living tree rental—allowing customers to come select and bring home their own tree, and then return it back to the farm for safe-keeping until next year rolls around.

According to the Primrose Vale Farm shop website, rentals start from £20 (about US$25) for a 3′ tree. If you leave your £15 deposit with them when you return your tree, you can even reserve the same specific tree for your next year's celebration, which would be fun if you have little ones and want your tree to grow with them. Apparently local-area delivery and collection is available for an additional fee.

You can even pre-order your free-range meats, veggie boxes, pies and other holiday goodies from the same place to keep things easy.

Not a bad business model for those who are trying to cut down on waste during the holidays.