This Little Girl Is So Over Her Shadow Following Her All the Time

Sometimes, we all just need a little time to ourselves. It's a moment to distance ourselves from the hustle and bustle of daily life and get back in touch with our inner selves.

For this little girl, however, that's just not possible with her shadow following her around everywhere.

"Get off! Get off!" she shouts at it. When it doesn't reply to verbal commands, she tries to high step it away, but that doesn't work either, so she tries to brush it away. "No, shadow! No, shadow!" Even something resembling a yoga pose isn't enough to make the shadow beat it. A few more angrier, pleading shouts also fail to do the trick.

It appears that this little girl is just going to be stuck with her shadow. However, she can take solace in the knowledge that the shadow will never be able to wear that adorable giraffe outfit. Take that, shadow!