Get This Lady Some Vegan Schmear, Stat!

Edelstein likes a little cream cheese on her bagels, as long as it isn't made from animal products. (Photo: Facebook)

What's a bagel without cream cheese?

TV's Lisa Edelstein who gained fame for her role in "House" and currently stars in "The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce," would say a bagel without cream cheese is unenjoyable — but, she'd like her cream cheese to be vegan, please.

Edelstein, who once posed nude for PETA on a bed of greens to encourage people to eat a vegetarian diet, is working with the animal rights organization again. This time, she's encouraging Einstein Bros. Bagels "to consider adding vegan cream cheese options to your menus so that people who can’t — or won’t — consume dairy foods might still be able to enjoy a good bagel with shmear at your many establishments.”

Those are the words she wrote to Einstein CEO and President Mike Tattersfield, according to The Know.

Einstein doesn't have to invent the plant-based schmear (which can also be spelled shmear, for anyone wondering). In Edelstein's letter, she pointed to several grocery store brands .

bagel cream cheese
Whether it's called schmear, spread or cream cheese, everyone should have a vegan option. (Photo: Moving Moment/Shutterstock)

When thinking about Edelstein's request, I also thought about the dairy-free, vegan Ben & Jerry's desserts I tried a few days ago. Some of them were so delicious, I'd happily choose them over milk-based ice cream, knowing that plant-based foods are better for the planet. Is there a vegan cream cheese that's as flavorful, creamy and delicious as milk-based cream cheese? I don't know, but if there is and Einstein or some other place sold it, I would opt for it. If taste and quality are the same, plant-based is the smarter choice.

So someone get Edelstein some vegan schmear. And make it really, really good vegan schmear to entice people like me who are embracing vegan foods, one plant-based product at a time.