Lime Bike Is Developing 'Transit Pods'—a New Kind of Electric Vehicle

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As cities around the world grapple with the pros and cons of dockless bike share, I've been mulling a lot about our old friends at Organic Transit and their pedal-electric ELF hybrid. While it's true that it could replace a car for a lot of people—indeed it has for many—it's still a fairly expensive vehicle ($8,895.00 – $9,794.95 for the solo) if you're buying it to complement, rather than replace, an automobile.

But it would be perfect for sharing.

Now we hear via Bloomberg that popular dockless bikeshare company Lime Bike is developing what it refers to as 'transit pods'. Billed as a 'new type of electric vehicle', it'll be enclosed, electric, and could hold one or two people. It won't legally be a car, and is said to resemble a smart car or a golf cart, apparently. It'll also be able to be parked two or three to a parking spot on the street, not the sidewalk, which should help alleviate some of the NIMBYism around dockless bike share.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Indeed twitter user HaveAGOmobility thinks it's so familiar the two companies might as well just team up:

Of course, Lime sounds like they are moving well along with their own particular plans—so this might just be wishful thinking—but I sure do hope somebody, somewhere cracks the ELF-share model too.