Life in a 10-Foot RV, From One Adventure to Another

For RV owners Marc and Morgan Faber, traveling isn’t just an occasional pastime reserved for work holidays and family visits. It’s a life.

More than three years ago, the Fabers bought a 10-foot camper trailer and hitched it to the back of their pickup truck. The couple enjoys a minimalist, nomadic lifestyle while embarking on life-changing adventures. And when it comes to maintaining, repairing and replacing parts for their vehicle setup, the Fabers never cut corners.

“When you spend as much time in a vehicle as we do, you know what it needs,” said Marc, a mechanic by trade. “You have to take care of it.”

That means getting regular oil changes and constantly staying on top of any maintenance issues. For the Fabers, NAPA AUTO PARTS is their go-to source for the most essential parts to keep their home in working order – especially the brakes.

“NAPA brake parts are top-notch,” said Marc. “I like their premium products, which are equal to the original equipment or better. They last a long time, they don’t squeak and they don’t create dust. Especially with towing, and the longevity I can get out of them ... the NAPA brake pads just hold up.”

And that’s crucial for the couple, who want to enjoy every second of life on the road.

“You meet people from all walks of life, and for a short period of time, you’re neighbors,” Morgan explained.

Added Marc: “What traveling has done for us has really reaffirmed our faith in humanity.”