When Life Throws You a Curveball, Think of This Little Red Panda

You've had a day when you woke up feeling really gung-ho. You slept well, you had a good breakfast and even the traffic worked in your favor. Nothing could throw you off your game. Until ...

We've found the perfect video to sum up that feeling.

This red panda comes bounding out of its den ready for a day of being adorable for zoo visitors. But then he encounters the Surprise Rock — "What the ... ?!"

The rock completely throws the critter off its game. As if a gun might be involved, it rears back onto its hind legs with its front paws up in the air. The red panda even touches the rock to make sure it's real.

So the next time your day throws you for a loop, step back and try to put things in perspective. You were probably less surprised than this little red panda.