Life With a Baby in a 215 SF Off-Grid Cabin

Video screen capture. Happen Films

I sometimes wonder if I post too many "life in an XX square foot hut" videos.

And yet people seem to love them. True, there's only so many tips you can learn about how to store canned vegetables, where to put all your books, or how to hook up a DIY biogas anaerobic digester. But I suspect the main challenge for many people interested in the "back to the land" and/or tiny house lifestyle isn't necessarily practical. It's emotional.

So this video from Happen Films explores just that topic. Tom, Sarah, and their daughter Neesa all live in a tiny 20sqm off grid cabin on a property on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. After Tom began feeling dissatisfied with his job as a General Practitioner, the couple decided to radically downsize—moving from their three bedroom house to a sheep shearer's shack on somebody else's land.

It seems to suit them pretty well. But they are also open about the anxiety and fear that comes with making such a big (and societally unconventional) shift.

Take a look. See what you think. And then let me know if you're bored of hearing about people in sheds.