'Library Planet' Is a Crowdsourced Travel Guide to Libraries Around the World

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©. Christian Lauersen – A view of Blaagaarden Public Library, Denmark (used with permission)

Because who doesn't want to visit gorgeous libraries everywhere they go?

Back in June, I wrote about why you should become a library tourist. Visiting libraries wherever you go is a wonderful way to get to know a city. They're also a convenient place to take a break from walking and sightseeing, to let kids recoup and use the bathroom, and to chat with locals about their recommendations for things to do.

But not all libraries are created equal. They can be big, small, public, private, academic, national, kid-oriented, quiet, or lively. So how does one go about finding the best libraries to visit that suit one's interests and company?

A brand new blog hopes to solve this dilemma. Called Library Planet, and just launched at the beginning of December 2018, it describes itself as "a crowdsourced Lonely Planet for libraries." In other words, travellers can share descriptions and photos of the libraries they visit all around the world for other library lovers to read and add to their own travel itineraries.

National Library of Portugal

© Christian Lauersen – National Library of Portugal (used with permission)

Library Planet is the brainchild of two Danish library lovers, Christian Lauersen and Marie Engberg Eiriksson. Both work in public libraries and believe strongly in their role as crucial institutions in every community – and, clearly, as hot tourist destinations, too! Lauersen wrote,

"Libraries are cornerstones in greater and smarter communities. Libraries are about people connecting and growing. Libraries are wonderful, and traveling and visiting libraries are one of the best ways to expand your world... We want to give you a guide to the world of libraries and an opportunity to share your experiences with libraries."
Shanghai library

© Christian Lauersen – Shangai Library (used with permission)

So far the blog has only 10 libraries featured on it, but that's pretty impressive for a blog that's only ten days old; I suspect the number will increase rapidly as book lovers catch on. The locations range from Europe to Asia to New Zealand, showcasing everything from high-tech library robots in Shanghai to an idyllic hobbit window and resident library cat in Auckland. Lauersen and Eiriksson hope to turn Library Planet into a book someday, which seems fitting. Anyone can contribute; instructions here.

Shanghai library exterior

© Christian Lauersen – Exterior of Shanghai library (used with permission)

children's section at library

© Christian Lauersen – Children's section at Hvalsoe Public Library, Denmark (used with permission)