Lessons From Camping Equipment: The GrubHub

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There is a lot to be learned from camping equipment, about designing things to be light and portable. That's why the GrubHub is so impressive; this is a fully equipped camp kitchen that carries all your cooking gear and food right inside.

Grub Hub setup

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It opens up to have 9 square feet of work surface, room for a two burner stove, three adjustable storage shelves and 4500 cubic inches of kitchen storage.

Oh, and there is also a "spatula rack" for hanging kitchen utensils and a "tower organizer" that holds the water supply and a lamp. There is even a paper towel holder and dish storage that is actually a drainer . What's particularly neat is how you can set it up in minutes and have everything you need at your fingertips- a conventional kitchen should be so convenient. The inventor, Joe Baughman, explains:

For years, we wasted too much time and effort juggling the usual hodge-podge of plastic totes and bags and bins hauled out to the campsite along with wobbly camping tables and other items. Sorting, packing and unpacking camping gear took up more time than actually riding bikes, rock climbing or fishing. And after setting up camp we still didn't have a sustainable system that made outdoor camp chores, often completed in the dark and in variable weather conditions easy. I knew there had to be a better way.

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In a recent post on the Escape Traveler I wondered whether people living in a small space needed such a big kitchen. Now I wonder if there aren't lessons to be learned from the GrubHub- a kitchen that folds out when you need it and has a place for everything you really need, and everything in its place.