LED Streetlight Management Getting Efficiency IQ Test

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LED streetlights are already helping cities save a lot of money, but even with energy efficient lighting, smart management is important to maximize savings. BetaLED is figuring out a control system that will help cities get the most light for their dollar, and is testing out two possibilities for management systems in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Not only could it cut costs, but also cut down on light pollution. BetaLED installed 11 LEDway streetlights, each outfitted with one of two systems, either a power line communication system or a wireless radio frequency system. The plan is for BetaLED and We Energies test them out simultaneously and see which system is most effective for managing the streetlights and reducing expenses for operation and energy. They're hoping that one of these two systems will make a big difference.

"This is the next step in evaluating relevant technologies that enhance energy and cost savings potentials for municipalities and utilities using LEDway streetlights," said Al Ruud, president of Beta Lighting. "We are not aware of any other manufacturer in the world performing a demonstration to this degree with the two leading forms of streetlighting control systems."

Smartening up streetlighting is part of the bigger movement towards smartening up pretty much everything. Cities are catching on to LED lighting - Los Angeles, for example, is in the midst of planning a massive upgrade - and hopefully cities working on progress have a good management system to install along with their updated lights.