LED Night Light Outlet Covers Install in Seconds, Use Just 5 Cents of Power Per Year

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SnapRay outlet cover on an outlet next to a leather sofa

Leo Blake / SnapPower 

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As an alternative to purchasing yet another plugin night light, or having hardwired guide lights installed in your house or tiny home for safety (or to light the way for your kids to get to the bathroom after dark), a new product promises to be a more efficient way to illuminate rooms and hallways, while also leaving your outlets free for other plugs.

A Simple Solution

The SnapRays Guide Light is a unique plug-n-play LED night light option for providing safety lighting in your home, and one which is simple and quick to install on any standard outlet, without having to do any wiring or buy any more batteries. The SnapRays system uses LED bulbs to project light downward at a 45 degree angle from the outlet cover, which can serve to illuminate hallways or rooms in your home without using a lot of electricity.

The LEDs are built into outlet covers that are virtually the same size as standard outlet covers, and include a built-in light sensor that automatically turns the lights on when the nearby area is dark, and back off again when the area is light. To install the SnapRays, simply turn off the power to the outlet at the breaker box, unscrew and remove the current outlet cover, slide the Guide Light over the outlet, and then replace the existing screw to attach it to the outlet and turn the breaker back on.

Two projecting tabs on the back of the SnapRays contact the electrical terminals on the outlet and draw power from it to light the LED night lights, so there's no need for any wiring or batteries, and it leaves both outlets free for other plugs.

"The SnapRays Guide-Light is designed to be installed over the standard electrical outlet. As the user installs the Guide-Light, the patented "Power Extractors" on the back side of the plate slide into the electrical box and around the outlet receptacle making contact with the sides of the outlet. This proprietary technology is what enable the device to extract power from the receptacle without having to hardwire, plug into or occupy an outlet." - SnapPower

Efficient and Durable Lights

According to SnapRays, their Guide Lights draw just 5 mA of power, and based on the current price of electricity, they estimate that each one uses less than a nickel's worth of power over the course of a year. The LED bulbs in the SnapRays are also estimated to last about 25 years, much longer than any other incandescent night light bulb, which are easily broken the first time they get knocked out of the wall.

Some advantages of using the SnapRays LED night lights instead of conventional night lights include keeping the outlets free for other uses, providing a secure and safe night light for children (they can't be knocked out or removed easily), blending in easily with the room's decor (they look virtually identical to standard outlets), and serving to light up specific areas of the home without drawing a lot of power.

SnapRays are currently available at Amazon and SnapPower.com.