Learn to Build a Do It Yourself Biomass Gasifier

Biomass gasification unit built by Ben Peterson photo
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When TreeHugger featured Robert "Chip" Beaman's Wood Powered Pickup Truck, readers commented, aghast at the potential for humanity to destroy woodland resources if transportation infrastructure were to switch to wood gasification. Therefore, for your further consideration, may we introduce you to Victory Gasworks. Victory Gasworks' Ben Peterson has built his own gasifier, specializing in biomass such as wood scraps, yard waste, and corn cobs.

Gasifier Construction Workshop
Victory Gasworks is offering a hands-on workshop on Gasifier Construction at the Victory Gasworks site in Toledo, Washington (between Portland and Seattle), on the 6th of September 2008. Victory Gasworks also sells video plans on how to build a gasifier and offers a forum for community exchange on alternative energies, especially gasification.

Gasification for the Non-engineer
According to an article by Kathy Hall in The Chronicle,

Peterson doesn’t have a background in engineering, but he is an entrepreneur. He grew up in Marysville, then spent time in the southwestern United States, where he did work as a welder, then moved into publishing, starting his own magazine. He bought his farm in Toledo about two years ago, and became interested in how he could get his farm 'off the grid.'

The excellent article in Ben Peterson's local news media explains gasification and describes how Peterson started with plans he found on the FEMA website, and has already made four prototypes in a quest to shrink a gasification generator down to appliance scale.

Gasification and the Future of Energy
Gasification could be another arena where large-scale waste gasification plants compete with (or complement?) distributed generation in small-scale units operating at the point of demand. Just two more of the many pieces in the energy pie chart of the future.

Thanks to tipsters Gail and Plushpetals for bringing Victory Gasworks to our attention.