Learn Basic Bike Repair With These 9 DIY Videos

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Keeping your bike in tip-top shape means regular maintenance, preventative measures, and the occasional on-the-road quick fix.

Here are nine videos that teach you the basics in simple easy steps -- from lubing a chain, overhauling a hub and replacing a cable to applying a tire patch and more.

1. Lubricate a bike chain

Keeping your bike's chain running smoothly helps reduce friction -- and makes those long uphills on your commute just a little bit easier -- while helping protect your bike against weather and rust.

It's also one of the easiest fixes: You just need a rag, degreaser, and lube.

2. Overhaul a hub

Travis Martin of Mad Dog Cycles shows you how to overhaul your cycle's hub by using the right tools -- the most important part of any job -- to take the hub apart, clean the cone, and install new ball bearings.

Pro tip: Wear gloves to keep your hands from getting too greasy.

3. Replace a cable

If your bike's cables are rusted, frayed, or seized, then replacing them is an important step toward safe and successful riding.

Here, the staff of Factory Direct Bikes shows you how to remove and reattach gear and brake cables.

4. Apply a tire patch

From finding the cut in your tire and sanding the seam to adding a perfectly smooth, tight tire patch, this series of quick videos from bicycle store owner Parker Ramspott will get you back on the trails in record time.

5. Fix a slipped chain

A slipping chain usually means it's time to replace the worn-out piece with a new one -- and using a chain checker can help you know for sure.

But if you think your chain has some life left in it, watch for tips on what else to look for to remedy the problem.

6. Install a chain

If your skipping chain does need to be entirely replaced, you can buy a single one and install it yourself.

Mad Dog Cycles' Travis Martin walks you through the different sizes of chains so you can find the one that's right for you.

7. Remove a pedal crank

No matter why you're removing your pedal crank -- cleaning and maintenance, access to a different problem -- the technique is the same: You'll need a standard wrench or socket and a "bike specific" crank arm extractor.

8. Install a tire

Knowing how to install and change a tire before you get stranded on your annual three-day ride can save you a lot of time and hassle -- especially when it's as easy to do as this video makes it.

9. Build a stand

Many of these projects will take a fraction of the time and effort if you have a stand to keep the bike steady.

This 4-minutes video shows you how to construct one from Make magazine, which is made mostly of galvanized pipe.

Updated: September 12, 2019