Learn the 'Absurdly Efficient, Ridiculously Cheap' Method of Heating a Home

©. Paul Wheaton

A forthcoming 4-DVD set from one of the most vocal advocates of rocket mass heaters promises to deliver everything you need to know to build one of these clean and sustainable heaters for yourself.

If someone told you that you could heat your home for just a small percentage of the cost of natural gas, using about one tenth of the wood that a conventional wood stove does, and emitting less than a tenth of the amount of greenhouse gases, while keeping you more comfortable than central heating does, it would almost sound too good to be true.

But rocket mass heaters (RMH) do deliver the goods, and while they aren't for everyone or for every situation, they can be a viable method of heating a home, and a clean and more sustainable one as well.

"The trick is to mix modern science with knowledge from hundreds of years ago: Burn the smoke; capture heat from the exhaust; focus on the more efficient forms of heat (radiant and conductive heat are favored over convective heat); and, most of all, use a mass to hold the heat for days." - Paul Wheaton

We've published a number of different articles about rocket stoves and rocket mass heaters over the years, and there are loads of videos, articles, and books about them available both online and off, but a new Kickstarter campaign promises to deliver one of the most complete resources on the topic yet.

The Rocket Mass Heaters 4-DVD set, from Paul Wheaton, Ernie and Erica Wisner, and a whole crew of top RMH experimenters, innovators, builders, and designers, will feature footage from 3 workshops, and cover 10 different RMH builds, and offers backers the option of getting 4 previous RMH DVDs as well.

The videos will be available as physical DVDs, or as either digital downloads or viewable via HD streaming to backers of the campaign, with perks for pledges starting as low as $1. The Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise $42,500 by March 16th to help fund the production of the videos, and has already received pledges totaling almost half of that amount.