Leaf Offers the Plastic-Free Shave You've Always Wanted

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Leaf shaver in a sink.

Courtesy of Leaf Shave

Say goodbye to disposable cartridges and plastic packaging with this solid-steel beauty.

Unless you're going for the Mountain Man look, owning a razor is a necessity in modern society. Unfortunately, that often means using a pile of plastic. Even if you've switched from disposable razors to replaceable cartridges (an improvement), there is still excess packaging and plastic blade heads going to waste every few days or weeks, which is far from ideal.

The good news is, a better solution exists – and no, it doesn't involve using a scary straight razor (as amazing as those are). Enter the Leaf razor, made from solid metal with replaceable double-edged steel blades. This beautiful razor, designed for both men and women, is 100 percent plastic-free and zero-waste. Here's how.

The double-edged blades, which come in packs of 20 or 50, go into a special blade disposal box that's included in the Leaf starter pack. Each box can hold hundreds of blades. Then, because the blades are pure steel and the box is tin, they can be recycled in most local municipalities with scrap metal drop-off. However, as Leaf co-founder Adam Simone told TreeHugger, "If anyone's local recycling doesn't accept metal recycling, users can ship a full box back to Leaf and we'll recycle in bulk."

The razor boasts a floating head design, which makes it super flexible and able to access those hard-to-reach places. Several online reviewers say they nick themselves less using the Leaf, despite the head being a bit larger than a standard razor.

The head is designed to hold three blades, but you can choose to load 1, 2, or 3 blades into any of the positions. From a writeup on Instagram,

"Our three blades are spaced further apart than a disposable plastic cartridge razor, which do tend to lift and cut hair below the skin. The larger spacing between our blades means our multiple blades don't do this. So you are free and clear to find the configuration that works best for you. Leaf is a razor with the freedom of choice built right in."

Leaf is a young company, founded by two people who spent a decade designing and commercializing medical surgical robotics technologies. They were tired of seeing the same old disposable cartridges peddled by trendy shave clubs... "so, naturally, we reinvented the razor."

Leaf Shave razors that are plastic free

Courtesy of Leaf Shave

In an era of big buyouts (Schicke, the second largest razor manufacturer in the world just acquired Harry's for US$1.4 billion, and Unilever bought Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion in 2016) and relatively little innovation in an age-old industry, small-scale Leaf shows that hair removal can be done differently and better.

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