Wrapping paper embedded with seeds lets you grow veggies

biodegradable wrapping paper
via Eden's Paper

Do you love the trend of paper products embedded with seeds? Here's a holiday twist: wrapping paper that can sprout vegetables!

biodegradable wrapping paperEden's Paper/via

Eden's Paper is designed by the UK-based firm BEAF, on behalf of a print factory. The wrapping paper is printed with the cultivar it contains and is garden-ready. It's available in chili, carrot, onion, tomato and broccoli; or you can opt to get a mixed package. The paper is made from recycled fibers and is printed with organic vegetable inks.

biodegradable wrapping paperEden's Paper/via

On one hand, it may be best to give gifts in packaging that can be used over and over--reducing the resources used in fresh production. On the other hand, this is a very cool use of biodegradable paper that has added value. It may even help the recipient of your gift eat a little healthier.

Hat tip to Springwise.