Wow Green Uses Enzymes To Clean Just About Anything

Wow Green Full Product line
photo: Wow Green Inc

More and more green cleaning products are jumping onto the market, so there's really no excuse for using toxic cleaners. Wow Green's new line of powerful green products are just one example, but these products are different because they are made from enzymes that literally eat stains. Wow Green recently launched a new kind of green cleaner made with enzymes. The company sells traditional sorts of products, including glass cleaners, all purpose cleaners, rug cleaners, and bathroom cleaners, but they take a different tack than other green cleaners that I’ve used before.

How WowGreen Works
When you look on the side of the bottle you’ll find that there are really only a few ingredients, most notably enzymes. Just like the natural enzymes that keep your system clean, these guys claim that certain enzymes can do the same for your home. While they are not the same enzymes as those in your body, they work the same way.

It's a different type of cleaner, so you use them differently. Instead of just spraying them on a surface and using elbow grease to clean, you spray them on and then let them sit for a few minutes so that the enzymes can get through even tough stains. Then wipe the surface off and you're good to go.

I have tried the glass cleaner and the all purpose cleaner. I was happy with both. They seem to do the job without the harsh chemicals of traditional cleaners and more effectively than many green cleaners. These products are supposedly totally safe as well, and don't add any harsh chemicals to the eco-system.

Green Packaging
Once you buy your first bottle, you can replenish your products with a refill pack instead of having to purchase a new bottle. This is good for two reasons. First, you aren't forced to waste excessive plastic packaging. Second, you're not wasting fossil fuels by sending what amounts to water through the mail. It's a great idea. Wow Green products are even shipped in recyclable paper cartons. So why haven't you heard of them yet? They're brand new, having launched just a few months ago.

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