Window Boxes are the New Allotment Gardens

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So you don't have a garden, and you don't have an allotment and you don't have landsharing in your area. What is a person to do if they want to grow their own? The easy and accessible answer: window boxes.

The National Trust is starting a "vertical vegetable garden" campaign by growing vegetables in window boxes and hanging baskets at their historic houses. They reckon that England's windowsills could provide the equivalent of 600 acres of farming land, producing loads of cheap, and very local food a year for hungry urbanites. The top five easiest vegetables to grow are lettuce, radishes, beetroot, rainbow chard and rosemary.

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Tips for growing vegetables in window boxes:

* Pick the windowsills which get the most sun during the day
* Be careful not to water them too much
* Plant rainbow chard and fragrant herbs
* Start with the vegetables you eat the most like tomatoes and lettuce
* Root vegetables like beetroot and chard are easy to grown and don’t need much attention.

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Can't be bothered to do it yourself but still want it? The Balcony Gardener, an online store, sells ready-made container gardens for an instant landscape. With instant styles such as Edible, English Country, and Contemporary Urban, you just have to sit back and watch.

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They do have some lovely ideas for containers; old wine boxes, wire baskets and wicker baskets and sell heritage seeds as well.

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