What Happens When the World is Vegan? Peta's Infographic

vegan world peta graphic
Image credit: Peta

Not too long ago I stirred up quite a debate by asking what a vegan world would actually look like. Now Peta has taken a leaf out of Good Magazine by producing their own nifty infographic about what they believe happens when the world turns vegan.

Take a look, it made me laugh. vegan world peta graphic
Image credit: Peta

While I understand and enjoy the satire of some of the more outrageous critiques of veganism, I do think legitimate questions remain about the viability of large-scale veganic agriculture. We have posted on a few examples of apparently successful veganic farms in the past, but the fact remains that at the moment most small-scale, sustainable farm operations use integrated animal husbandry to keep nutrient cycles intact.

I'm not saying that vegan agriculture can't succeed on a broad scale. I'm just saying that we have yet to see replicable models on a broad enough scale to prove it. Maybe the next Peta infographic will explain to me why I am wrong?

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