WeedBlaster Pro is a Smarter Way of Applying Herbicides in the Garden

WeedBlaster Pro© WeedBlaster Pro

In every garden a few weeds must grow. But if you’re the kind of gardener that needs to impose lawn and order in your garden, you probably spend a good deal of time fighting weeds. The most earth-friendly way of dealing with weeds is pulling them up by their roots.

Less kind methods of dealing with weeds involve spraying herbicides that are not very good for the environment, and even a responsible application of these can damage and contaminate surrounding plants and gardens.

Similarly, homemade remedies, like spraying weeds with vinegar, can damage plants in your garden,--or even worse--those in your neighbor’s garden.

WeedBlaster Pro herbicide sprayerWeedBlaster Pro/Video screen capture

At the Independent Garden Center Show last month I came across the WeedBlaster Pro. It’s an herbicide applicator that I think is a pretty unique in that it allows you to target weeds, and minimizes the chance that you’ll accidentally spray neighboring plants.

You fill the reservoir with your herbicide (preferably something eco-friendly), place the cone over the targeted weed, and push down on the handle to spray the weed directly.

Watch the WeedBlaster Pro in Action

As you can see from the video, the WeedBlaster Pro is pretty lightweight and easy to use herbicide applicator. No need to bend over to spray weeds in hard-to-reach areas. And you won’t accidentally kill surrounding plants in the landscape if the wind picks up the herbicide.

The WeedBlaster Pro sells for $24.99.

WeedBlaster Pro is a Smarter Way of Applying Herbicides in the Garden
Got weeds in the garden? Target the weeds directly without killing other plants with the WeedBlaster Pro.

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