Waterwise Garden Software & Book


A recent reader wanted more information on gardening. Well, we have offered leads for US native plants, how to plant a green roof (or wall), herbs in a bag and ’dinosaur’ trees. So to add to the mix, we now bring you the Waterwise Garden. Although a book, it is also available as software — both on CD or downloadable. Focusing on Xeriscaping and drought resistant plants, this software has over 550 colour photos, showing what the flower and mature plant looks like. It lists plants that can survive a fortnight or more without any watering. Organic pest control is a speciality with pics and descriptions of of both pests and their predators. Recipes for home-made sprays for pest control provided as well. The software runs on Linux, Mac, Solaris and Windows. Designed as a global reference, it has monthly planting calendars for both Northern and Southern hemispheres. $25 AUD ($19 USD) for the download version. ::Waterwise Garden