Watch 50,000 Honeybees Being Removed from Los Angeles Home (Video)

mike the bee guy removing bees in los angeles homeLarry Chen /Video screen capture

When photojournalist Larry Chen discovered that bees had creative a hive inside of his home he hopped on CraigsList and found Mike 'The Bee Guy' to come and remove the hive.

Larry's responsible approach to the hive removal netted Mike a free hive, and Larry got a bit of honey and an fantastic video of the removal of nearly 50,000 bees from the walls of his Los Angeles home.

Watch 'Removing 50,000 Bees from Inside my Walls'

The video is nicely shot and highly educational. The entire process of the beehive removal took five hours, but in the video it has been condensed to less than five minutes.

As he works Mike explains the inner workings and structure of the hive as he vacuums the bees. In the video Mike estimates the age of the hive to be between 6-8 months old. Watching Mike work is like taking a beekeeping class.

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Watch 50,000 Honeybees Being Removed from Los Angeles Home (Video)
What happens when you find bees have made your home into their hive? You call Mike 'The Bee Guy' and document it their removal.

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