Vigilante Gardener Super Heroes Make Brooklyn Better (Video)

vigilante gardener brooklyn photo

Image credit: Todd Bieber

Whether it's edible park landscaping feeding the homeless or guerrilla gardeners reclaiming the soil, people everywhere are seizing unused or underutilized land and putting it to good use. Now one Brooklyn filmmaker—whose previous video bout finding photos in Brooklun shot him to worldwide viral fame—has decided to step out and green an unloved patch of land by his home. This, he says, is vigilante gardening.

Todd Bieber's video about finding photos of a blizzard in Brooklyn is, by now, the stuff of internet legend. Gaining over 1,732,000 views, and taking him on an adventure across the Globe, this guy's story-telling techniques can have remarkable consequences.

So it will be interesting to see what happens with his latest offering—a short film about how he and his friends decided to garden on a tiny piece of unused land next to a parking lot near his house. Planting peas, herbs, sunflowers and more, the group set out to make their urban environment just that little bit more pleasant. Aware that he was breaking the law, Bieber has offered to donate half of whatever he grows to the owners of the land (if he can find out who they are), or alternatively to someone who needs it.

He's also looking for folks to help water the plot. Given the response to his other videos, i suspect he won't be short on volunteers.

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