Vigilante Garden: The Story of a Man and His Guerilla Garden

"Is there such a thing as a badass vegetable garden?"

Film maker Todd Bieber poses this question at the beginning of his Vigilante Garden film. I'm of the opinion that all vegetable gardens are badass in their own ways. After all, I've written here on TreeHugger about why we should all #OccupyGardens -- badassery at its best. Even at its most basic level, what could be more badass than growing your own food? It is at the essence of taking your life into your own hands.

Bieber grew his own vigilante garden this past year, adopting a neglected plot of land adjacent to a parking lot in Brooklyn. In his quest to beautify this small bit of his neighborhood, he comes face-to-face with a thief, confesses his act of vigilantism to a Catholic priest (he finds out that the land is owned by a Catholic church), and, best of all, gets to know his neighbors a little better.

It's a fun film about how rewarding vegetable gardening can be. Maybe it will inspire more people to start vigilante gardens of their own. At least, I certainly hope it does!

Vigilante Garden, Part 1

Vigilante Garden, Part 2

Vigilante Garden: The Story of a Man and His Guerilla Garden
Filmmaker Todd Bieber planted a garden on a neglected plot of land in Brooklyn, and filmed the process from start to finish.

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