Victory With Pole Beans

A few weeks back we wrote about a resurgence of Victory Gardens . The herb Rosemary was the first plant discussed, because anybody can grow it, even in a container. Then we showed how a bamboo cucumber trellis is made . Now comes the ultimate climber: the pole bean. Line up the bamboo or wooden poles in a row, fat ends into the ground; "weave" in a few horizontals and plant the pole bean seeds at the base of each upright. A week later they start climbing. Uultimately, the bean vines may drape off the top, depending on variety. Make sure to pick beans early, before they lighten in color, turning stringy. Flavor and texture is always best before the bean seeds become fully developed. At the end of the season, let a few beans on the vines to turn yellow and dry up for next year's planting.