Using Ducks to Control Slugs in the Garden

ducks slug control photoPaul Wheaton/Video screen capture

A little while back, I posted a video by Paul Wheaton on training chickens to eat slugs. While it did seem genuinely possible to convince chickens to eat slugs, it also looked like a lot of work.

So what other options are there for natural slug control in the garden? Ducks.

You see ducks seem to love slugs. In fact they go crazy for them, as this new video from Paul Wheaton shows. Combine this kind of slug control with a "duckponics" system for keeping your water clean, and your well on the way to a healthy aquatic garden ecosystem.

Now just how you keep the ducks from eating all the plants in your garden is quite another matter. Maybe chicken tunnel man could branch out into other birds...

Using Ducks to Control Slugs in the Garden
Slugs can be a nightmare in the garden. But if you keep ducks, they become animal feed. (And entertainment too.)

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