Urban Farming Supply Store to Open in Brooklyn

At a time when garden centers across America are going out of business a collaboration between Brooklyn Grange, Domestic Construction, and Brooklyn Homesteader will bring an urban farm supply store to Brooklyn, NY.

Hayseed's Big City Farm Supply, a pop-up shop, will be dedicated to supplying New York’s urban farmers with everything from compost, soil, tools, organic and heirloom seeds, garden-related books, beekeeping supplies, along with chicken and rabbit feed. On the weekends Hayseed's will offer workshops and classes on subjects like beekeeping, backyard livestock, seed starting, and vermicomposting.

Located at 218 India Street Brooklyn, NY., the farm supply store will operate during April, May, and June of 2012 to take advantage of the seasonal buying habits of urban farmers and gardeners with productive gardens. The store's grand opening party will be held on April 4th at 7PM.

Hopefully the store's niche appeal, seasonal approach to retail, workshops and classes will make the experiment a success.

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Urban Farming Supply Store to Open in Brooklyn
Hayseeds Big City Farm Supply store in Brooklyn, NY., will service urban farmers, and productive vegetable gardeners across NYC.

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