Update on Organic Burials

A reader noticed a bug (since fixed) with our link to Promessa of Sweden, who are setting up a process for environmentally responsible burials. Basically they freeze dry the dearly departed, to swiftly convert their earthly remains into an organic soil-like matter. Since our original post they have also launched companion website with complementary information on their foundation. But you might also be interested in the Natural Death organisation, in the UK. They encourage a benign form of passing on and provide details of woodlands and the like, where the organic matter of a loved one will keep on nourishing a forest ecosystem. They even have awards like the Best Coffin Maker in the UK! Won last year by Bamboo Coffins. But then you might wish to also consider the cardboard offerings from EcoCaskets and Coffins. Like taxes and acne, death is something that is inevitable, so it's appropriate that these folk are giving the environmental impact due thought. [by WM]