Under-Used Train Station Becomes Gardening Hub (Video)

eastside roots photo

Image credit: The Journey

OK, one more video from the most excellent sustainable travelogue The Journey, then I am going to have to find something else to write about. Having brought us video of a huge secret hoard of recycled bikes, an illegally built low-impact roundhouse, and my friend Lisa's awesome wood recycling project, The Journey turned its attention to Eastside Roots - a non-profit initiative that is turning an under-used and vandalized train station into a hub for garderners and nature lovers. Eastside Roots was formed to renovate derelict land next to an under-used inner-city train station & transform it into a safe, social, positive, thriving green space & community resource. Beyond connecting people with nature, and giving them skills to grow their own food—the project is also creating a more welcoming space for people to use mass transit.

I should note that once again this video is filmed in Bristol, UK—and features friends of mine. Nick, the guy who looks eerily like Shaggy from Scooby Do, is a longstanding pioneer on Bristol's permaculture and community activist scenes. And he's a lot of fun to drink beer with too. Good to see Nick and crew are still pursuing positive change! Makes me feel kind of homesick...

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