Mini Bike Planters Let You Take Your Garden With You

Cycling and gardening have long been two fantastic components of a green-minded lifestyle, but given the obvious logistical difficulties, doing both at the same time had never really been an option -- until now, that is. Like the the celebrated union of peanut-butter and jelly, cheese and wine, or guacamole and guacamole, finally biking with your plants has never been easier -- thanks to these cleverly portable bike planters that let you take your garden with you.

Until recently, biking had been a great way to reduce your carbon emissions, but now it could be a great way to increase your oxygen emissions. These mini planters, designed by Etsy seller Colleen Jordan, attach snuggly to a bike's frame with nylon cord, allowing cyclists to add a touch of green to an already eco-friendly pastime by letting some of their flora friends hitch along for the ride.

As if cycling and gardening simultaneously weren't forward-thinking enough already, each of these cute little bike planters are manufactured individually using the latest in 3D printing technology.

This bike planter is created digitally with modeling software and is then 3d printed out of nylon and hand dyed red and sealed. Due to the hand dying process, the color of this planter may vary slightly. This planter works best with a clipping from a succulent that has been allowed to take root or a large air plant.

For more information, check out Colleen Jordan's Etsy page.

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