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Changing the world and people's attitudes is a group effort; the more people working together for a common cause, the more effective it will be. At this joyous time of the year, Treehugger would like to recognise and salute the dedication and hard work carried out by volunteers and charitable organisations in the name of saving the planet.

Trees For Cities is a UK based charity, formed to work with local communities on tree planting projects. Their aim is "to tackle global warming, create social cohesion and beautify our cities through tree planting, community, education and training initiatives in urban areas of greatest need."

Trees are an important link in the fight against global warming. They clean the air, reduce temperatures, counteract pollution and absorb carbon dioxide. Trees for Cities has worked out a formula of 2.67 trees planted for every tonne of C02 generated. Tree canopies save energy by cooling buildings and reducing the impact of rain storms. And of course they create habitats for birds and wildlife and add beauty to our surroundings.

But too many are lost due to property development, "health and safety" and disease and maturity.This year, in London alone, 9,593 trees were lost, a third of them street trees. Many that have been felled were at least 30 years old and would have formed an important part of London's landscape. The good news is that Trees for Cities planted a healthy 211 street trees, and 5,733 others in various locations across the capital including in schools, estates, parks and woodlands in 2007 alone.


The planting and planning is done in association with local community groups who help to identify tree planting sites and taking part in the greening work. Local people have been offered opportunities to improve their "green" skills through vocational training in horticulture and arboriculture. Multiply this by projects across the country and you have a green revolution.

Their "Million Trees Campaign" has a target of planting one million more trees by 2012, in time for the London Olympic Games. So far they are almost half way there. :: Trees for Cities

A healthy and happy holiday season to one and all.

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