Tree2mydoor — Give the Gift that Gives

'Tis the season for gift giving. But there are some gifts that just keep on giving, long after you have passed them over. Plant a tree, and for decades, if not centuries, it gives shade, habitat, oxygen, carbon sequestering, a sustaining water table and much more. Even in it's afterlife it can yield up quality building materials, fuel, mulch, and eventually even soil. (Is it any wonder we like hugging the things?) Tree2mydoor reckon they are so great, they'll deliver planting-ready trees directly to happy recipients. Cut flowers might be aesthetically pleasing, but for say £22 you could be giving an Oak tree, which if nothing else, will provide cool, beautiful, dappled light on a hot, globally warmed day. If you do have to give flowers consider their containers of native wildflowers. And they also offer corporate promotion packs as well. (Could this foretell the demise of the monogrammed golf ball? Oh, please, may it be true.) Currently just in the UK, Tree2mydoor want to stretch their limbs into "mainland Europe, North America (USA and Canada) as well as Australia and New Zealand." ::Tree2mydoor