Too Posh to Dig?


The upmarket London department store, Harrods, have begun offering a gardening service for allotment owners who don't want to get their hands dirty. If you're unfamiliar with allotments, they are small patches of government owned urban land that are rented to the public for a small monthly cost. People can use these areas to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Like most things at Harrods though, this service is not cheap. A £300 initial consultancy is required, and further work starts at £1100 ($600 and $2200 respectively). You can also buy tools there, should you want to get involved yourself, with their £780 ($1560) sterling silver garden fork a particular bargain.Demand for allotments in the UK is larger than ever before, partly due to the publics increased awareness of organic produce, and partly because most newly built city homes have no garden of their own. Some people now have to wait up to 10 years before they are assigned an allotment, often they are waiting for a previous owner to die or move away from the area. Unfortunately the number of allotments is not rising as English cities grow, and it looks like it will only get more difficult to grow your own vegetables in London. :: The Guardian

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