Tiny Rain Garden Fights Runoff and Promotes Electric Vehicles

Wendy Allen rain garden design image

Image credit: Wendy Allen Designs
Award-Winning Design Demonstrates Responsible Small Gardens
TreeHugger has long argued against the ridiculous notion that every house needs a paved, impermeable driveway. From urban heat islands to storm water runoff, the problems with paving are becoming ever more apparent. But often folks with small front gardens, and congested neighborhoods, feel they have little choice but to create some off-street parking for their vehicle. That's why I love, love, love this award winning rain garden design from Wendy Allen. Not only does it feature a green roof, FSC certified lumber and a permeable driveway - it also promotes electric vehicles!Named as the Gold Medal winner for Best Sustainable Garden Award at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London, Wendy Allen's design proves that people can make a big difference, even in relatively small spaces. Apparently the project uses a lot of reconstructed and reclaimed materials, as well as certified lumber - and Wendy is clearly joining the dots by showcasing a G-Wiz/Reva electric vehicle as the transportation mode of choice for such urban dwellings. (I can't tell if there is a bike rack nestled in there somewhere too, but I hope so!)

The garden has been specifically designed for dismantling and reassembly, and will be open until tomorrow (Sunday 12th July), after which it will be auctioned off for charity. More details of the show at Hampton Gardens Palace Flower Show.

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