The Seed Project

Here's another chance for frustrated gardeners without a garden to express their creativity. The Seed Project is a global environmental installation that connects artists by the act of planting seeds. The premise is very simple: buy organic basil seeds, plant them in a very artsy way, take pictures and put them online and see what everyone else has done. Although the resulting plants shown do not look like basil, the examples are so imaginative: grass grown in a dustpan, or in shoes, or in bread, or a bucket, or on top of a friend's head. Part of the idea is to spread the word by buying seeds for your friends. Plus you can become part of The Seed Collective and meet up, virtually, with other artists to address world problems. You must take a pledge that you will do something to help change the world for the better. And of course, by participating, you are helping to turn the world into a virtual garden. :: The Seed Project via: Inhabitat

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