TerrAfrica: Combating Desertification

"Land degradation poses a serious threat to livelihoods and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa. To stop, prevent, and reverse further degradation, TerrAfrica, a multi-partner initiative, aims to increase the scale, efficiency and effectiveness of investments towards sustainable land management (SLM) in sub-Saharan Africa." And just how do they reckon they can pull off this absolutely mammoth undertaking. Seemingly through the principles of: 'African country ownership; transparency and accountability; action based on partnership; and broad-based participation including civil society, community-based organizations involved with natural resource harvesting and management and local farming communities.' Wadding through the website, although packed to the gunwales in bureaucractic jargon, this does sound like a highly worthwhile endeavour — one can only hope the initiatives it delivers on the ground, make much more sense that the tracts of mumbo jumbo served up on the site, which was launched a couple of day ago. If any of our readers are fluent in technocratspeak, please consider a translation for this weak-minded soul. Wait a minute, ABC Online has thankfully figured it out: $4 billion USD will be spent over 12 years, to stem the expansion of African deserts, in what is touted as "the world's largest scheme to prevent land degradation."Apparently for every buck invested in anti-land degradation three are returned, so governments are being encouraged to allocate 10% of their national budgets for agriculture, to avert a problem affecting over 65% of all Africans. Now that does make sense.::TerrAfrica