Team Builds Pedal-Driven Compost Turner

Bike-Powered Compost Tumbler
Ahh, the things you find on YouTube. I'm clearly not the only compost-geek out there — my recent post on how to build a DIY compost tumbler generated some lively comments. However, I'm sure there are folks who consider even turning a compost tumbler a little too much like hard work. And that's where the intriguingly named "Team Broken Spokes" come in (aka Tonyinmontreal, we think), with their remarkably easy-to-use pedal powered compost turner. As the comments on their YouTube page suggest, for many applications a simple handle would do — but adding the bike powered option not only provides for more turning capacity (and hence more compost!), it also looks like it's kinda fun. Click below the fold for some links to more hot composting action...

::Team Broken Spokes on YouTube::
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