Sustainability at the Hampton Court Flower Show

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It's the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, set against the backdrop of historic Hampton Court and a more informal and casual event than the Chelsea Flower Show. Sustainability is definitely one of the under-lying themes of the show this year. Many of the gardens feature a recycling and sustainability aspect to their creation. We loved the idea of the Climate Change Dome which is staffed by experts providing advice on the impact of climate change on gardens and the right plants and techniques to use at home. The Porsche garden features a front yard garden with a hydraulically operated ramp that hides the car, leaving behind a planted garden. Perhaps truer to life (and more accessible), is the British Racing Green; the shell of a Mini Cooper car, planted and overgrown with a selection of drought resistant and colourful plants in containers made of old tires.

The Recycled Garden (pictured) is created by the Guerilla Gardener, whose fame has spread to being acknowledged by this mainstream show.He was invited to make a garden out of recycled....everything, including the plants. Some were scavenged from the Chelsea show and others scrounged from fellow exhibitors. He even taped a sign to his back, asking for plants. Being a novice, he outlines in his blog his trials (and errors) and serendipitous events that led to the creation of the garden .

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The London Wildlife Trust is a winner with its Future Garden. Made of all recycled bits and pieces, and right out of the '50's, it is a recycled tour de force. The sculptures are bicycle wheels (which look space-age), lovingly transformed into birdfeeders, the walls are wood pallets, and seating is made of old washing machine drums. A novel use for the old satellite dish: a birdfeeder.


A recurrent TreeHugger theme is the usage of small urban spaces for city gardens. Living on the Ceiling (because there’s no more room down there), a garden by Warwickshire College Horticultural Department, has vertical planters with low maintenance plants making a roof garden. But it could be adapted for a balcony, and smaller vegetables could be added to the planters.


Send a Cow is a charity helping farmers in Africa to become self-reliant by providing them with livestock, training and advice. Their garden Back to the Future: Lessons from Africa for the survival of the British garden,won a Bronze medal. It shows natural gardening techniques promoted by the agricultural charity in its programmes in sub-Saharan Africa. It combines traditional gardening techniques with precious knowledge from Africa


The Growing Tastes Kitchen Garden is divided into an Asian zone featuring plants such as pak choi, azuki beans and Japanese turnips and planted wok containers. The Mediterranean zone has olive trees, fennel, artichokes and romaine lettuces; and the British garden features more familiar fare, such as beetroot and potatoes alongside the time-honoured companion plantings of marigold and nasturtiums. :: Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

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