Square Foot Gardening Tool Comes from Office Supply Stores (Video)

square foot gardening tool photo

Image credit: Growing Your Greens

Yesterday I posted a video from John of Growing Your Greens about a San Francisco permaculture garden that grows thousands of pounds of food. In the process I came across another neat clip in which he discusses the single most important gardening tool that an urban gardener with limited space can buy. Weirdly enough, he buys it from Office Max.

OK, so the "big reveal" that the gardening tool is a simple ruler doesn't quite rate up there in cinematic history with Darth Vader revealing he is Luke's father. Nevertheless, it is an important reminder that plant spacing can be absolutely crucial to the kind of yields you can expect when you are growing in limited spaces, and especially if you are following the square foot gardening method.

As a committed lazivore with a new baby on the way, I myself have decided to take a break from vegetable gardening next year. But when I return, I am planning on a much smaller, more intensive, and hopefully less labor-intensive garden. I may head down to my local office supply store to stock up on tools now...

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