Sprout Pencil Grows Plants When You Plant the Stub

sprout pencil © Sprout

One of the best things about being a young student was the fresh batch of pencils at the beginning of the school year. But by the end of a semester you could amass a collection of pencil stubs that weren’t particularly useful. What if instead of throwing away all those stub you could plant them, and watch them grow?

Sprout is a pretty cool pencil with a capsule that holds a seed where an eraser would go. Instead of throwing away the stubs you plant the capsule and sprout your own, basil, tomatoes, eggplants, green peppers, rosemary, and several other vegetables and herbs.

sprout plantable pencil © Sprout

sprout plantable pencil© Sprout

At the time of this writing the Kickstarter campaign for Sprout has eight days to go and is at almost half of the $25,000 goal of funding. The people behind Sprout came up with the idea while in graduate product design course at MIT where they were tasked with creating a product for the eco-friendly office of the future.

Watch the Sprout Video

The product is pretty genius, but I wish there were Sprouts that let you sprout more trees to replace the ones used to produce your pencil. Visit the Sprout Kickstarter page if you’d like to fund this project and get some Sprout pencils of your own.

Maybe someone will invent a pencil sharpener that doubles as a pencil shavings composter to go along with the Sprout pencils.

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